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Chateau Deluxe Sparkling Rosé Méthode Rurale

Fresh aromas of rose petals, medium-ripe strawberry and crushed rock. The plush entry on the palate gives way to refined bubbles with tight acid and a long finish. This may well be one of the best values on the market at a price to become your 'house' sparking wine!

Méthode Rurale aka Method Ancestral aka Pét Nat.

This method of sparkling wine predates Champagne. The bubbles occur naturally from primary fermentation.

Let's explain:

Sugar + Yeast = Alcohol + CO2 (bubbles!)

For still wines (whites, reds, rosés, (orange!) wine) the CO2 is allowed to escape into the atmosphere...

But you can capture those fun, tiny bubbles!

While the wild yeast (found on the skins of the grapes) are converting the natural sugar (from the grapes juice) and converting those sugars to alcohol you can bottle that fermenting juice, place a crown cap on the bottle and allow the wine to continue to ferment in the bottle. In stead of the C02 blowing off into atmosphere they are captured in the bottle...the result:

A fresh, lively sparkling wine with lower atmospheric pressure than its counter-part Traditional Method aka Champagne Method aka Méthode Champenoise and thus allows for a more approachable and quaffable beverage thats easier on the pocket book.