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Budureasca Noble Five 2017

The Wine Panel 90 pts 

In the heart of Dealu Mare, in an area with rolling hills, caressed by the sun, we find Budureasca vineyards- an ancient place, with deep roots in the history of wine culture. The archeological evidence found nearby suggests that this place has had a particularly rich tradition in winemaking since Dacian times. Nowadays, the wines from these vineyards are well known and appreciated for their unique quality, but also for being able to adapt to the Modern World. These things wouldn’t be possible without the endeavors and the passion of the people who craft them.

Budureasca vineyards belong to the “Wine Parallel”, being placed in similar geographical coordinates as world-famous regions such as Bordeaux and Burgundy.

Noble Five is an exquisite Cuvée made from five noble grape varieties: Feteasca Negara-the indigenous Romanian grape variety, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Merlot, and Syrah. Grapes are chosen from the best parcels. Each variety is vinified separately and then aged in Romanian and French oak barrels for 9-12 months, to acquire the perfect balance and structure. It takes 3 months for blending the wine, during which the winemaker searched the harmony of the five varieties.

A blend resembling an old royal family. Cabernet Sauvignon is the King with a commanding presence and bold tannins, and just a hint of spice. Pinot Noir is the Queen with her beautiful bouquet of forest fruits and soft, velvety tannins. Merlot is the Elder Prince, with his well-rounded structure and charming, long aftertaste. Shiraz is the Youngest Prince, with lively aromas of black currant and black pepper. Feteasca Neagră is the Princess, charismatic and elegant with soft violet aromas of cherries and plums.

Dark ruby in color, with an elegant structure and notes of red and black fruits, cinnamon and cloves, and minty finish.

“A Romanian Super Tuscan of sorts, or a Super Romanian!” -The Wine Panel, Seattle