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Domaine Vinarte Soare Fetească Neagră 2018

Decanter World Wine Awards - Silver Medal

London Wine Competition - Silver Medal

VINARTE was established by a group of visionaries -Romanians, French, and Italians-united in their passion for the highest quality wines. Driven by the desire for excellence, they created a unique, one-of-a-kind winery- Domaine Vinarte- to bring the best of Romanian wines to your table. Vinarte wines are meant to tell you untold stories and history is made from each grape that is handpicked and transformed into wine.

The collection -Prince Mircea- has a royal look and distinct elegance, evoking success, love, friendship, and the irrevocable victory over all the senses. The name Prince Mircea was chosen for historical reasons. Mircea the Elder/ Wiser- Mircea cel Bătrân-is an emblematic figure in the history of Romania, being one of the most respected voivodes. He was brave, wise, and brought stability to the region. Mircea the Elder was from Oltenia, where Prince Mircea wine is produced. A winner, the wine Prince Mircea wants to conquer the preferences of any wine lover, including the very sophisticated and pretentious.

Trajan’s Bridge also known as the Bridge of Apollodorus over the Danube has also a historical significance. Domaine Vinarte Winery is in Starmina, Mehedinți County- Oltenia, very close to the bridge (ruins) which is emblematic of Romanian history. The bridge is featured on the wine label.

The grape variety, Fetească Neagră, is a distinguished indigenous Romanian grape variety and one of the oldest grape varieties in the world. Hectares of Fetească Neagră grapes are spread on the sunny hills of Starmina, Romania. The Vinarte Winery has concentrated superior qualities of these grapes in a special wine-Prince Mircea.

Dry, solid, powerful, and well-balanced with aromas of mature red fruits. The wine is aged in oak barriques for 12 months.