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Budureasca Orange Wine 2018


Berliner Wine Trophy (Germany) - Gold Medal

Life is continuously changing and so is nature. Amid constant change, its a perfect time to discover ORANGE- Wine from Budureasca Vineyard, Romania (Feteasca Regala & Sauvignon Blanc). Aromas of caramelized baked apples, musk, aromatic herbs, beeswax, and spices! In the glass, we have a potpourri of spices with a sweet sensation of apricot jam. It has a full taste, with a fine and elegant structure of tannins and accents of vanilla.

Since ancient times, in continuous metamorphosis, the snake has been a symbol of continuous change but also of healing. Silent, timid, and tempting, curled up on the “Three of Knowledge”–on the Rod of Asclepius- the snake, again and again, sheds its skin in continuous rebirth and renewal. The snake’s secrets are, in many ways, the secrets of winemaking.

Orange wine is a skin contact wine. The purpose of Budureasca's winemaker was to create a fruity Orange Wine, in a modern interpretation of the old, archaic version. The result is a wine without oxidation or defects, but which retains the characteristic color of this drink, with delicate tannins and a good structure coming from prolonged contact with the skin of the grapes. The yellow-orange color was achieved by keeping the must in contact with the skins of the grapes for a long time. The contact with the grape skin and seeds can last from a few days or months to several years. Under the weight of the winepress, the grape berry leaves its skin just as the snake sheds its own, revealing the aromas of ORANGE wine.

Everything happens in a cyclic and perpetual transformation.