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Cramele Odobești Monșer Babească Neagră 2013

 Cramele Odobești aims to bring the Romanian varieties to the world. Monșer is the most complete collection of Romanian varieties. The wines from Monșer are the most accurate representation of the Romanian vine-growing tradition.

Because the Romanian varieties are pre-phylloxera, the name of the range, borrowed from a famous character from Ion Luca Caragiale's writings, was chosen to illustrate the atmosphere in Romania before the 1900s. It's the world of Ion Luca Caragiale and Duiliu Zamfirescu, "La Belle Epoque" of Romania. The drawing on the label recreates the atmosphere from more than 100 years ago, when locals were enjoying the wine produced in their own vineyards

Babească Neagră is an old and rare Romanian grape variety cultivated in the vineyards of Moldova. The legend says that the grape was named by Stephen the Great- Ștefan cel Mare.

“I’m old! One of the oldest red varieties, maybe that’s why I was named by Stephen the Great. That's what you can hear when you sit in front of a glass of red ruby wine ​​with a rich aroma of berries, prunes, blackcurrants, and spices! Take a sip; it delights your senses! It is so cool and fragrant with hints of vanilla and almonds.” -Băbească Neagră

This is Babeasca Neagră, an old Romanian red variety. You can enjoy this wine with friends but also at fancy events.

Parol, Monșer!