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Belle & Bottle Social Memberships


      Celebrate wine from the female perspective! 

      Calling all incredible women ready to embrace the magic of a community, where friendship, growth, and wellness take center stage. In a whirlwind era where demands never cease, and digital connections leave us yearning for more, Belle & Bottle Social understands the craving for authentic connection. It's time to reignite your passions, rediscover yourself, and link arms with like-minded women who share your zest for life. Welcome to a space that pulses with positive energy and kindness, where connections are forged over shared interests. Each moment is an opportunity to connect, learn, and savor the richness of life with a fantastic glass of wine in hand!

      Where vibrant women, united by their love for wine, food, and travel collide with small-production winemakers, boutique wine retailers, and dynamic women-owned businesses in hospitality. Our vision is a celebration of connection where members interact with fellow wine aficionados, esteemed winemakers, local wine retailers, and industry trailblazers. Join forums that spark inspiration, live events that electrify, and virtual tastings that transport you. It's not just about sipping exquisite wine—it's about weaving together experiences, dishing out recommendations, and igniting passions for wine, food, travel, and beyond. VIP Founding Member and Complimentary Social Club Member Options available. 

      When you support Belle & Bottle, you become part of a movement that empowers women, celebrates their achievements, and creates a more inclusive and equitable future. 

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