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Moxie. It's the spirit, the energy, the can-do, never-give-up attitude that we admire in women who have invested their time and talents into a business idea. We are the Belle & Bottle Foundation, and we exist to match that spirit with opportunity. Our non-profit organization supports women-owned businesses, providing them with the resources they need to succeed. Our foundation, established in 2022, has four areas of impact: Funding, Mentor Matching, Media and PR Exposure, and Networking. We are focused on female entrepreneurs whose businesses support women and families, wellness, sustainability, and hospitality & wine.

Our vision is to create positive change in the world by empowering female founders to succeed in their business ventures, creating a Pay Her Forward Culture. Our mission is to challenge the hurdles that get in the way for female entrepreneurs, such as lack of funding, mentors, exposure, and access. We offer extraordinary women the financial backing and business resources they need to push their ideas from concept to success.

We know that investing in women-owned businesses is crucial. Women receive only around 2% of VC funding and Black women receive less than 0.5%. The pandemic resulted in a $800B loss of income for women in one year, and women lost 5 million jobs, resulting in a 30-year backward slide in the workforce. VC-funded women outperform male-led counterparts by more than twice as much per dollar invested, and women-led companies are more likely to be focused on making a social contribution.

Your donation will support our mission to empower women and create positive change in the world. 2023 is an important fundraising year as we build structures to bridge the gap that female entrepreneurs face. We invite you to partner with us to bring these visions to life that will ultimately contribute economic and social impact in our communities.

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