Belle & Bottle Social: A Groundbreaking Community that Connects Women Wine Enthusiasts,
Small Production Wineries, and Boutique Retailers

Belle & Bottle Social launches an innovative platform dedicated to creating a vibrant community for women
who share a passion for wine. Wineries, wine retailers, travel & hospitality organizations and industry associations
will be able to connect directly with women who want to purchase and learn about wine through an online community
and in-person events hosted by Belle & Bottle Social.

A majority of the wine purchased in the US is by women, increasingly to a new, younger and more diverse audience.
Yet even with the majority of the wine purchasing power, women are not reflected in the majority of wine critics,
winery owners and top wine industry positions. We are committed to changing that, for women who work
in the wine industry and for the women who appreciate the wine in the bottle. Belle & Bottle Social is dedicated
to amplifying the talent, the craft, and the voices of women in wine, and to providing consumers with a place
to learn about what is trending in the world of wine... all from a diverse, female perspective.

Key Features of Belle & Bottle Social:

Raise Your Professional Profile: Belle & Bottle Social offers winery and wine retail professionals an opportunity
to connect directly with consumers, helping to raise brand awareness and promote products and events.
It’s also a way to expand your professional network through our online community, member directory,
and special events hosted for VIP and Pro level members.

Share Your Expertise: Belle & Bottle Social is a platform for our partners to provide articles, videos, and expert-led
sessions that help members to enhance their wine knowledge and refine their tasting skills even further.

Find Your Tribe: Belle and Bottle Social Club Members can connect with fellow wine enthusiasts through forums,
live events, and virtual tastings, creating a dynamic and supportive community for sharing experiences,
recommendations, and passion for wine, food, travel, and other interests.

Connect Your Business Directly to Our Community: Share your stories, provide education, and create connections.
Small businesses fight an uphill battle being seen and remembered: being drowned out by large wine corporations,
holding placements and getting marketing dollars utilized effectively. Bypass the middle man
and speak directly to an engaged audience.
Opportunities to present, host and be featured await!

Belle & Bottle Social is more than just a community – it's a celebration of the diverse world of wine and the talented women who contribute to its richness. We believe in fostering connections, supporting small businesses, and creating a space
where every woman who loves wine feels seen, heard, and celebrated. In a world that is increasingly polarizing,
we want Belle & Bottle Social to be a welcoming space for women to engage over topics that they care about,
bring us together, and create lasting connections.


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Belle & Bottle Social is a members-only community where women can learn about the world of wine
directly from those who make it, through conversation, classes, and events.
Belle & Bottle Social gives you a place to learn about the world of wine from a diverse, female perspective.

Join the Movement. Empower women, promote wellness, and foster genuine connections.
Make a difference through wine and the determination of extraordinary women. Belle & Bottle: Wine on a Mission!

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